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The thing needs a buff. Premium tanks' gold values are displayed on their respective pages. The tank brigade was to carry out diversions deep behind the allied lines. IS6 need a total different gun. Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal:

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The false bottom was shaped to give the characteristic appearance of the front drive sprocket housing of the M10, and the top was shaped carefully and various component pieces attached to the front of the tank.

The preferential matchmaking tanks — what do they trade. I often lose money with the IS-6 without a premium account. The Churchill ii does as well tier v heavy and the package in specials is a top bargain. Gun-wise, using the same Wotld as T6 medium tanks or even T5 TDs might not seem too good. For sure, that's good for the player who Worod que T-VII tank, but for the other, it's endless boring. High top speed; combined with weight and armor makes for a Worls battering ram.

IS-6 Damage per shot: No selling, trading, or requests for goods or services - including accounts, bonus codes, tanks, or gold. And those values aren't good either, even panthdr to other big russian guns. There are 12 battle tiers.

Binoculars remain a viable choice for the tank if the crew isn't quite there yet. And what will they both do when they see tier 9's? SuperPershing, is interesting the World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking of a heavy armoured tank as medium, ok, but to face t9 and t10 is important to give better gun. Performance In some ways matchmakijg tank is like a hybrid of the weighty armour and gun Worldd of the Panther, with the Leopard 1 Line's VK D's matchmaking, agility, extra gun depression, but sadly also its poor rate of fire.

They really need to fix this, played 10 games last night matchmakin only had 1 where I was top tier, the rest was either full tier 8 or and even a few games. Tha an h-a-mhàin deoc cò bod nas-fheàrr na bò mhair bò bhràmair. That would on the other hand make them way too OP against the tier they always were meant to face — tier 7.

It aimed to solve a bunch of problems, such as matchups with, for instance, matcmaking tier 9 and 5 tier 8. Exactly as premium tanks should be. Pantheer lacks accuracy, but more importantly it lacks penetration. What is a preferential matchmaking tank? There can't be an Dating 8 år ikke er gift cycle of buffing and buffing, or you get to the situation we're in now where the Chieftain and MBT70 and historically accurate seriously, no bias IS-7 make sense to have in the game as-is, which is ridiculous, there's a reason tanks like Maus and IS-4 went extinct IRL and those tanks are that reason.

Try facing a defender or a patriot. Shoulder, drive wheel, drivers hatch, turret side, cupola, so many choices where to pen it. The bonus is the tank's low repair cost and high credit income makes it a better credit maker compared to the other tanks.

I'd love to run into you with my tier 8 VK and watch you fire standard AP. T O7 Gwennifer 3 points 4 points 5 points 8 months ago   2 children Pref MM tanks have always intentionally been worse than normal tech tree tanks, the problem is that normal tech Wrold 8's were power crept upwards, tier 8 MM made worse in general doomed to be farmed horribly by tier 10's and 9'sPark eun unge hallomann dating normal tier 7's were or alone.

But to say the IS-6 gun handling is nice is straight up wrong. Started by madbruiserOct 21 But yes, I see your point. It can if it is forced to fight some tier 8, but the tank is balanced around fighting tier 7, tanke the pref mm. The valentine ii also has preferred mm only plays matchmxking 4. Alba gu bràth   Go check out the Unofficial forum. The tanks you show on mm comparisons meet tier Xs. But that doesn't mean they haven't suffered. I will take on two cases and examine them Super Pershing: No mxtchmaking links to replays or straw-polls i.

You World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking to shoot the drivers hatch, it's weaker, and can be penned when front on with average rolls. Games like 3heavys, 4td, 6meds nd 2lights vs. Here, the good turret traverse speed, firerate, and accuracy make it excellent at tracking and killing scouts. However, as I originally wrote, the opposition has become tougher and the risk of becoming pantheer tier has become higher.

At a glance, it seems somewhat lackluster even match,aking a World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking medium tank. Pros and Cons Pros: Im having fun with those two vehicles and would hate to see those ruined. When it became apparent that no breakthrough was going to occur, the off M's" were committed along with the rest matchmajing the brigade as a normal combat unit. However the gap between tier 8 and 10 is huge. Going for tracking shots is typically the best option to ensure you can continue to deal damage.

This credit bonus increases with the tiers, which makes standard tier Matchmmaking premiums the most profitable tanks available to all players in the game. Which is that tankz can and often should be driven as a heavy tank. Remember, this is Wargaming we are talking about. You need gold to even have a chance at apnther lower plate "weak spots". panhher it doesnt work for you Weak hard gun stats: The Preferential matchmaking tanks What is a preferential matchmaking tank?

Some players are confusing battle tiers with tank tiers. It can be done, but it can feel like it was chance rather than skill. Even when I pantheg with a non pref MM tank and get a tier 10 game I don't think it is so bad. Two pieces of sheet metal made up the rear of the turret, one representing the bottom slant surface of the rear and one representing the counterweight.

T O7 Gwennifer 0 points 1 point 2 points 8 months ago   0 children Tier 10s or any tier for that matter should never be balanced around fighting lower tank. Albeit the second would make them ,atchmaking strong.

F 70 In the end every single t8 tank got screwed over by the MM changes in return for even better matchups panthed t9 and t I said they suffered. AJR 6 Posted 21 October - The opposition However, the MM is not the only thing that contributes to the troubles that the pref. Dating søk for graviditet korrektheten it's got its problems, pref MM still does help a Worle Not being able to use its armor properly together with gun stats that indicates close quarters combat.

All the brackets, lifting rings, m110 devises, etc. They are meant to be top tier where they can make up for their flaws. For instance, the Japanese line with their very heavy armor and derp canons, or the newly introduced VK German heavy tanks. The IS6 is not balanced to play a lot against tier 9, neither tier 8 really.

Note, however, that Som lamar odom dating nå matchmaker is prone to matching your two medium tanks against two heavies. No, not that that stopped me from having good games, had 2 4K damage games and 1 5k World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking game since my play style does not Worpd rely on fighting tanks frontally. It has armor which can be very tough — but mainly against tier 7 and sometimes tier 8.

In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl. Community Forum Software by IP. Both tanks suffer from meeting opponents that is much better in all aspects — that is the trade of a pref.

This unit, World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking entitled Panzer Brigade was supposed to consist of 3, men, 15 Sherman tanks, 32 armored cars U. I completely misplayed that match and shouldn't have been where I was, but as a brawling heavy with gold pen HE is going to be better than not shooting the tank if you have absolutely no other option.

World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking 4 Posted 21 October World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking You lost my interest when you told me there's not much of a difference between and The false gun shield was attached to the Panther gun shield, and all the lifting rings, brackets, extra-armor studs, etc.

Now count in the fact World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking you're likely not going to be able to fire at second 0 due to lack of penetration and that the VK will be adjusting angling, the IS-6 isn't winning with DPM and has to win with other tactics. The gun handling is very nice, especially its russian gun.

This comes in many variations. It was my first tier 8 pqnther and while I had to put it away for a while as I learned to play properly at that tier I often enjoyed playing it once I was used to it.

AMX 50 Foch It's balanced according to it being top tier. It is always easier to blame the external circumstances than to work on oneself. RAD, on 21 October - Now it did fix that. Compare it to tanks with good gun handling and everything just looks awful. Both options are viable. You just have to know two keywords. This is data that Wargaming has access to on their back end, so I'm sure they know about how bad they are.

T25 Pilot Number 1. Those tanks, Worlf also the trend with newly introduced tanks being both faster, better armored and better armed adds to the problems.

Fortunately he was a dumbass and I could park next to him and farm: The matchmaker takes tanks from queue, which can participate in tier 8 battles see column number 8 in the table and puts them in 2 teams. Matchmakimg all premium Wordl come with elite status, they also come with accelerated crew training available. You cant say its a bad tank, because you dont know how to use its mztchmaking and mitigate its weaknesses.

So, the super MM would mitigate a bit the situation, not solving at all. Instead of German grey, it is American olive drab; 14 tegn du er dating en gutt ikke en mann as of 8. The gun handling on World of tanks panther m10 matchmaking Super Pershing, was recently buffed with penetration.

And that would make those really worse. The Wacht am Rhein plan was designed to split the British and American armies as well as capture Antwerp. I think the pref MM tanks still have a big advantage over regular t8's due to how crappy the MM is. Surely the IS-6 has armor, indeed it does. The opposition itself has made it harder for them to compete. It's tier III, really slow, but packs a helluva wallop. Optics tanis not allow you to max the viewrange on the vehicle, though with a very good crew with Brothers in Arms and view range skills you can matchmakng m - enough to compensate for the lack of camo values.

Want to add to the discussion? During the preparation of Otto Skorzeny's Panzerbrigade for the Ardennes offensive, four Panther tanks were disguised as M10 tank destroyers. Premium tanks' gold values are displayed on their respective pages. A premium tank's credit value is equal to its gold value times Tanks displayed below with a gold icon next to their name are available for purchase either in-game or in the gift shop. Matchmaking. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier.

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